The Bangsamoro Research and Development Program (BRDP) aims to increase R&D resources and support through enhancing capacity building of researchers, scientists, and engineers (RSEs), generating research funding, policy and advocacy support, and establishing R&D baseline data and consortia. It is composed of four (4) component projects namely:

A. Bangsamoro Research Access and Collaborative R&D Engagement (BRACE) Project – designed to increase research access and to strengthen the collaboration with the R&D stakeholders by generating more R&D funding and publication assistance thereby strengthening linkages with research partners.

Activities under the BRACE Project:

  1. MOST Call for Proposals for Start-up Research (2023)

2. MOST Call for Proposals 2024

–Start-Up Research (PhP 800k max budget, 1 year max duration)

–Regular Research (PhP 1.3M max budget, 1 year max duration)

–Big-Ticket Research (PhP 3M max budget per year, 3 year max duration)

3. Ceremonial Memorandum of Agreement Signing (Tentative)

B. The Bangsamoro Experts Engagement Project (BEEP) is designed to establish the BARMM R&D network, to strengthen/equip Bangsamoro experts, and to promote awareness and appreciation towards R&D in BARMM by maintaining a database for the annual R&D expenditure in the region, conducting R&D Capacity Building activities for the Bangsamoro Experts (Researchers, Scientists, and Engineers), and recognizing/promoting R&D culture in BARMM through R&D Forums/Conferences, and annual recognition of research and researchers in BARMM.

C. Research and Development Council for Research Strategy (RDCoReS) Project – aims to address the unsynchronized/fragmented research agenda and initiatives of BARMM through the Bangsamoro Research and Development Council (BRDC). The operationalization of the BRDC will also address the lack of legislative support to R&D in BARMM through policies.

Activities under the RD CoReS Project:

1. Bangsamoro Research and Development Council (BRDC) Quarterly Meeting

2. Bangsamoro Research and Development Council – Technical Working Group (BRDC-TWG) Meeting

D. Innovation, Science and Technology for Regional Advancement, Niches Development (iSTRAND) in BARMM – designed to further advance the development in BARMM by establishing R&D Facilities such as R&D Centers, and R&D Institutes (RDIs) and organizing BARMM regional R&D Consortia for Agriculture, Aquatic, and Natural Resources (AANR), Health, and Industry, Energy, and Emerging Technologies (IEET).

Activities under the iSTRAND Project:

1. BARMM Industry, Energy, and Emerging Technology Consortium Stakeholders Meeting

2. Ceremonial Memorandum of Agreement Signing for the Consortium Member Institutions (Tentative)

3. BARMM Health Research and Development Consortium Activities (TBA)