1. To support the transfer, promotion, innovation and commercialization of technologies for the development of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and the community.
  2. To provide quality laboratory services conforming to regulatory requirements and  international standards that will strengthen the industry development.
  3. To develop and produce S&T human resource.
  4. To pursue Research and Development on policy development, pressing regional priorities, emerging technology and to establish R&D compendiums.
  5. To enhance scientific and technological services in the field of, but not limited to information technology, and disaster risk reduction and management.
  6. To provide management system that will support the delivery of quality S&T services.
  7. To develop and provide systematic planning, results-based monitoring and evaluation process that will ensure alignment of the ministry’s programs, projects and activities to the regional strategies contributing to socio-economic development in BARMM.