As we observe this year’s holiest month of Islam, the Bangsamoro – Ministry of Science and Technology extends greetings, a blessed, prosperous, peaceful, and unity to our brothers and sisters.

The month of Ramadhan embarks as one of the most important and sacred months for Islam. It is an opportunity to increase our spiritual values, self-discipline, inner reflection, guidance, and devotion to Allah SWT.

MOST friendly reminds everyone to stay healthy and nourished with a balanced diet and ensure food preparation with safety at all times. We aim for a better spiritual outlook and a healthy mind and soul to foster dedication and closeness to Allah SWT.

We pray that Allah’s blessings will guide and protect us, hoping that we can perform our highest devotion to acquire the benefits of this month. May this month be filled with a solid connection to the Almighty, strengthening our faith and love towards our fellow Bangsamoro.

Have a productive, peaceful, and happy Ramadhan!