COTABATO CITY, BARMM — The Bangsamoro Government’s Ministry of Science and Technology conducted a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signing between the three institutions in the region that will receive a P1-M Research & Development Funding Support each.
On March 24, 2022, Minister Aida Silongan, MAPD, slated with the three institution heads the MOA signing at PAGANA Kutawato Restaurant.
Bangsamoro Director-General Nasrodin Buisan, Chief of Staff Badria Lidasan, Technical Management Division Head Abdulwahid Sendad, R & D Head Moammer Tabara, and some thirty participants were also present in the activity.
In a statement, Minister Silongan said that through R & D undertakings, the region would be able to find solutions to regional problems with the most effective path to take. The funding support for these researches would operationalize their objective to carry out research proposals.
“We have inked the partnership of our Ministry to the chosen institutions that submitted research proposals for funding for which we believe will benefit the Bangsamoro people. We are looking forward to stronger and brighter future for the latter and this support would operationalize your determination carrying out your researches,” Minister Silongan said.
Out of 36 research proposals reviewed by the MOST Technical Review Committee, three research proposals were approved for R & D Funding support.
MOST conducted the MOA signing to facilitate the release of funds for the three approved research proposals.
MSU-Maguindanao, Notre Dame University – Cotabato, and the University of Southern Mindanao – Kabacan were the institutions receiving the funding support.
These are the three (3) approved researches:
1. “Broodsrock Development, Induced Breeding, Larval Rearing and Growth Performance of Native Catfish, Clarias macrocephalus: A Reintroduction for Aquaculture in the Philippines” – MSU- Maguindanao
2. “Water Quality Assessment and Factors Affecting the Implementation of Pro-Environmental Policies in Cotabato City Rivers” – NDU Cotabato
3. “Microbial Diversity of Liguasan Marsh and Their Potential Biotechnological Applications in Green Energy, Fisheries, Sustainable Agriculture and Animal Production, and Human Health” – USM Kabacan
In the MOA, the institutions must ensure that the plans and activities are implemented and accomplished within the agreed schedule as stated in the work plan of the research project.
Nasrodin Buisan, Bangsamoro Director-General (Designate), added that the funding support is a way of MOST to capitalize the Bangsamoro region’s R & D huge potential and discoveries.
“The research funding for 2021 support is a way of Ministry of Science and Technology to support and capitalize the R & D huge potential that we have in the region and discover new opportunities through a driven decision and making a policies,” Buisan said during the activity’s opening remarks.
He emphasized that the BARMM Harmonized R & D Agenda laid down the pathway on handling research culture in the Bangsamoro region. He also encouraged everyone to engage in more collaborative R & D undertakings and harness potential to address Bangsamoro’s pressing needs.