Basilan, BARMM — More than forty (40) students and teachers attended and participated in the Invent School Program conducted by the Bangsamoro Government’s Ministry of Science and Technology at MPW Convention Hall, Lamitan City.

On November 8-11, 2022, the activity was slated in partnership with the Department of Science and Technology – Technology Application and Promotion Institute (DOST-TAPI) and an off-shoot activity through NEDA-funded “Project Sci-Ning”.

The four-day event aimed to stimulate students’ interest in creativity and inventiveness and create awareness of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), prototype development, and commercialization of inventions. It is to teach creative thinking and bring about creativeness among students to entice them to pursue activities leading to creativity in solving problems in industrial applications.

In the opening activity, Minister Aida Silongan, MAPD, encouraged the participants to harness creativity, inventiveness, and technological ingenuity as it will lead to more career options and more significant opportunities in the future.

“We uphold that innovative capacity is now the key driver of future economic growth, productivity gains, and wealth creation. We look forward to the significant contribution of our knowledgeable and skillful students by bringing them into science-oriented activities like this,” Minister added.

Topics on creativity, developing creative thinking skills, invention development, intellectual property rights, prototyping, and commercialization were discussed in the activity. Ms. Anna Liza Saet, DOST-TAPI Senior Science Research Specialist, and Mr. Roberto Versoza, Senior SRS, discussed the topics mentioned above.

Ms. Saet, on her topic about intellectual property rights, encouraged students to secure IP rights to protect their inventions and provide better collaborations and funding opportunities.

Two (2) inventions were also presented and introduced by their inventors to participants. Mr. Jericho Castro, Jerichord’s inventor, an innovative guitar, taught and played it together with the students.

On the other hand, Mr. Jeremy De Leon introduced his invention, the Make-roscope, a thin object capable of seeing specimens which could be magnified 300x.

Also, participants were grouped into six (6) to create solidarity and do several activities and tasks.

An artwork material was also provided to each group of participants to create science artwork. The output will be displayed in the DOST-TAPI exhibits, and if someone desires to purchase their art, the amount will proceed to the owner group. The science artwork will convey each group’s aim or goal in the coming years.

Several workshops were conducted to awaken and refresh the thinking analysis of students.

In the last day’s activity, the presentation of artworks, Jerichord recital, post-test, the announcement of winners, and awarding of certificates to resource persons and participants were slated.

The activity also ended with encouragement from DOST-TAPI resource persons and Ministry of Basic Higher Technical Education (MBHTE) – Basilan Officials.


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