Cotabato City, BARMM — To evaluate the performance and accomplishment of the ministry this year, the Bangsamoro Government’s Ministry of Science and Technology conducted its 2022 Year-End Assessment and Performance Review on December 5-6, 2022 at EM Manor Hotel and Convention Center in this city.

Top management, regional, and provincial employees attended and participated in the said activity.

The activity also aimed to assess each division, section, and provincial center through accomplishment presentation and discuss the specific actions to address and prioritize all the issues and concerns tackled.

In the opening program, Minister Engr. Aida Silongan, MAPDS, gave a welcome message through a virtual platform. Her message reminds everyone to consistently achieve efficiency and effectiveness in all the targets committed.

“We are all doing this to assess how far we deliver our services efficiently and effectively. We must accomplish all our targets as we are accountable for what we committed to accomplish.”

The 2022 Year-End Assessment and Performance Review mainly assesses the implementation of programs and projects executed by each division, section, and provincial center of the ministry.

The Management Committee, composed of the Minister, Deputy Minister, Bangsamoro Director-General, Directors, and Division Chiefs, carefully assessed and discussed the issues and concerns and provided firm plans, initiatives, and recommendations to resolve matters.

The second-day activity also conferred the preparation of the Work and Financial Plan and Project Procurement Management Plan for 2023.

Engr. Abdulwahid Sendad, Planning Officer V, discussed with the provincial center the new mode of budget allocation for them where financial autonomy will be set. He explained and provided the WFP and PPMP templates to have the same format and fill in the specific activities with budget allocation.

The activity culminated with discussions on how to resolve issues and concerns and hoping that they will be addressed and won’t occur as issues again in the next year’s assessment.

In the closing activity, Bangsamoro Director-General Engr. Abdulrakman Asim, emphasized addressing all the specific concerns and would discuss them with the Management Committee to resolve them quickly.

He also emphasized strengthening good relationships with each other and fostering as one MOST family.

Furthermore, the activity culminated with reminders to accomplish all the remaining targets and submit WFP and PPMP for 2023.


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