BASULTA, Philippines — To contribute to the development and quality standards through testing, analysis, and capacity building, the Ministry of Science and Technology – Bangsamoro Standards and Halal Testing Laboratories (MOST-BSHTL) installed an Enhanced Unified Laboratory Information Management System (eULIMS) Referral System (PSTC Module) in the province of Basilan, Sulu, and Tawi-Tawi – Provincial Science and Technology Centers on February 21-24, 2022.
The BSHTL aims to widen access to the eULIMS referral system by deploying and installing it in PSTC offices. The referral system will be used to refer samples to BSHTL. Through this referral system, samples, tests, or analysis not available at BSHTL could be referred to other laboratories in the Philippines.
MOST targeted to help MSMEs, industries, individuals, LGU, Academe, SUC’s, students, etc., in the region to have easy and accessible laboratory services through the use of EULIMS by visiting nearest PSTC to submit samples and avail other BSHTL services.
BSHTL Customer Relations Officer (CRO) Almanzur Ali oriented and trained the PSTC staff using EULIMS. It ensures that PSTC staff would assist customers well using the system.
“The customer will submit test samples to PSTC. The latter will create a calibration/analysis request putting the details of a customer, description of the product, and test parameters in the EULIMS Referral System. BSHTL received the request once submitted in the system by PSTC staff,” Ali said, explaining it to PSTC staff in Basilan.
Furthermore, he added that once the customer submitted his/her deposit slip or proof of payment, they will wait for the result or test report depending on the requested test parameters. BSHTL will inform the customer about the status of its test request. Once BSHTL receives the analysis, they will conduct a report analysis (with a sign and approval) along with the official receipt and send it to PSTC. The customer will receive the report in the MOST Provincial Centers.
Moreover, clients avail microbiological services submitting food and water samples (aerobic plate count, total coliform, thermo tolerant, yeast and mold, heterotrophic plate count, E. coli, etc.), physico-chemical services for food only (moisture, ash, crude fat, crude protein) and halal testing and analysis (porcine detection (meat products).
BSHTL ensures that access to laboratory services in the province is not difficult and would not hinder the client’s goal of ensuring their products have undergone testing and analysis through quality standards to ensure products’ quality and safety to consume.
The Enhanced Unified Laboratory Information Management System (eULIMS) Referral System is a software-based system that enables the organization or company to effectively manage a laboratory and associated data to improve laboratory efficiency. It captures all sorts of scientific data produced or used by a laboratory, such as inventory, samples, and test results.
EULIMS is under OneLab established to primarily integrate laboratories within the DOST system and partner laboratories from other sectors. It makes it more accessible to customers since the network provides referral services.