Cotabato City, BARMM — To systematize the ministry’s plan for 2023, the Bangsamoro Government’s Ministry of Science and Technology conducted its Strategic Planning Workshop at Cocina Isabella in this city.

On January 9-13, 2022, the workshop aimed to present the MOST Development Framework, creation and finalization of the Work and Financial Plan (WFP) and Project Procurement and Management Plan (PPMP) for 2023, and a comprehensive discussion on the Government Administrative and Financial Operations.

In the opening activity, Minister Aida Silongan, MAPDS, said that this endeavor would provide direction and guidance in implementing programs, projects, and activities of the ministry.

“This strategic plan will give us direction and guide on what we will do in our day-to-day activities, especially the implementation of our programs and projects,” Minister said.

Bangsamoro Director-General Engr. Abdulrakman Asim, PME, welcomed the participants by emphasizing that this activity would eventually discuss and resolve all the issues and concerns for the effective and efficient implementation of programs and projects for 2023.

“Hopefully, at the end of this activity, we can craft and finalize our plans for 2023, issues and concerns would be resolved, and efficient planning for implementing programs and projects,” BDG said.

One of the primary purposes of the activity was to create a strategic plan that would resolve all the issues and concerns in the past implementation of PPAs. The learning points from 2019 to 2022 will serve as the basis to implement in 2023 more effectively and efficiently.

On Day 1, Mr. Rahib Sendad, CPA, Chief Finance Officer, presented and discussed the government’s financial operations. He comprehensively discussed the ministry’s finance procedures, process flowchart, and guidelines. He also introduced a new system that would provide easy accessibility to drafting the disbursement vouchers and obligation requests. The end-users or employees are expected to prepare these forms.

Furthermore, Engr. Abdulwahid Sendad, Chief Planning Officer, presented the MOST Development Framework on the second-day activity. This framework discussed the ministry’s contribution to the Bangsamoro region’s socio-economic development.

Engr. Sendad emphasized that all services and programs of the ministry must contribute to the goal of the ministry.

“All services and programs must align to the goal of the ministry. It is about the quality and quantity of implementing our programs and projects.” CPO said.

He also led the workshop on creating and finalizing the Work and Financial Plan and Project Procurement and Management Plan for 2023. He instructed each division/section to carefully check and finalize their WFP and PPMP and submit their output.

On Day 5, the MOST Administrative Division presented and discussed the Government’s Administrative Operations. The Human Resource Management, Procurement, Property and Supply, Records, and General Services Sections discussed their transaction process and guidelines. They have provided the official templates and forms to have a centralized usage of different documentary requirements.

Moreover, Engr. Sendad presented the output of the ministry in the five-day conducted activity. He congratulated all divisions and sections for successfully finalizing and submitting their approved WFP and PPMP for 2023. He also said that they could begin with the preparations of all necessary documents for implementing the programs, projects, and activities for the 1st quarter of the year.

The activity ended with messages and impressions from Minister Silongan, BDG Asim, RDS & TMOS Directors, and representatives from PSTCs.

“We hope we can do all these plans and efficiently implement them this year,” Minister Silongan highlighted.


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