COTABATO CITY — Some sixty (60) regional and provincial employees of the Ministry of Science and Technology attended and participated in the MOST 2022 Strategic Planning Workshop cum 2023 Budget Proposal Preparation.
On April 18-22, 2022, the five-day workshop was slated at Paragon Hotel and Restaurant to discuss, finalize, and present the Work and Financial Plan (WFP), Project Procurement Management Plan (PPMP), and the Budget Proposal Preparation for 2023.
In a statement, Minister Aida Silongan encouraged everyone to finalize the WFP, PPMP, Budget Proposal, and Updated Programs, Projects, and Activities (PPAs) for submission to the Ministry of Finance and Budget Management (MFBM) and Bangsamoro Planning and Development Authority (BPDA) on the last week of April 2022.
“We work as one, this strategic planning workshop would provide an efficient outcome on the preparation of the documents that we need to submit to MFBM and BPDA on the last week of April 2022. We need to review and ensure the data or information in our documents for final submission.” Minister Silongan said.
She added that we need to plan according to our capability to implement the programs and projects of the ministry.
“I encourage everyone that when we plan, we must ensure the capability of our manpower and resources in implementing such programs and projects. Do not create more plans if we could not do it all. Instead, plan according to our capacity to implement it in a year. We must also align it to our mandates and objectives.” Minister added.
On the activity’s first day, Bangsamoro Director-General Nasrodin Buisan revisited and discussed the MOST Vision, Mission, Goals, Objectives, and the current Results Matrix.
BPDA Economic Development Chief Rohania Rashid also shared inputs on Program Expenditure Classification (PREXC). It is the logical continuation of Performance-Informed Budgeting (PIB) that reflects the link between strategies, budgets, and results in the allocation and facilitates the monitoring and evaluation of programs with the performance indicators attached to each program.
In the next days, Chief of Technical Management Division Engr. Abdulwahid Sendad led the workshops on the following: Problem Tree Analysis, Objective Tree Analysis, and Inputs on Strategy and Results Matrix/Logical Framework Formulation (2023-2028).
During the workshop, Engr. Sendad provided activities that would strengthen and boost the morale of employees. He asked each division/section/unit/province how they had performed in the past three years and how they would handle the next three or six years.
“We need to plan carefully and objectively, to make a history of change, a “transformational change” in the Bangsamoro region.” He said.
Furthermore, each division/section/unit/province showed at least three (3) headlines of their accomplishment in the past three years that significantly contributed to the development of the Bangsamoro.
On the fourth and fifth days, each division/section/unit/province identified and presented the proposed programs and projects for 2023. WFP and PPMP were also finalized and presented to the body.
Moreover, the group also enhanced the VMGO and has its overall goal, “To lead the Bangsamoro in the advancement of science, technology, and innovation contributing to economic development.