The new official logo has been set by the Ministry of Science and Technology – BARMM. This is following the task given by the Office of the Chief Minister that every ministry should design their office logo which accords to a new BARMM logo. The logo should also harmonize with the DOST National logo. Mr. Mansur Panalangin, head of Management Information System together with Abdullah Latip and Almansur Mokamad has designed a new official logo and presented it to the office of the minister and other employees. Minister Aida M. Silongan has given some sort of recommendations on creating the new official logo. She suggested putting two red dots on both sides of the logo to represent the blood of mujahideen, individuals engaged to jihad or Islamic holy war. Many suggestions have come up from the employees of MOST. They have censoriously suggested a well-designed logo which will accord to the new BARMM logo and DOST National logo. The photo featured in this article is the new logo of the ministry. Moreover, the ministry has given the representation of each piece seen on the logo.

The Ministry of Science and Technology – BARMM logo (MOST-BARMM) consists essentially of the DOST National logo at the center where the logo symbolizes excellence, relevance, cooperation, and cost-effectiveness, a crescent moon that signifies the principle of self-determination of Bangsamoro people.

           The logo has a green rope that symbolizes unity, prosperity, partnership and good relationship among linkages. The two red dots (both sides) convey power and determination. The red dots also show the blood of mujahideen, one engages in jihad or Islamic holy war. The crescent moon also represents progress while the seven-rayed star represents the 7 major areas in BARMM. The star at the center and enclosed to the DOST logo signifies that the seven major areas in BARMM will be enwrapping to scientific and technological advancement. 

           The logo’s major color scheme represents good service (green), optimism and idealism (yellow), and truth, peace, and enlightenment (white).

           The official logo of the ministry will be used for office documents and other related office matters.