The Ministry of Science and Technology conducted technical writing and creation of operations manual training for its employees at Waterfront Insular Hotel, Davao City.
On March 5-11, 2022, some seventy (70) MOST employees from regional to provincial offices attended and participated.
The training aimed to capacitate participants on the effective and efficient writing of technical documents. It ensures employees can communicate complex information well in the organization and technical documents prepared to have the same format the ministry sets.
In a statement, Minister Engr. Aida Silongan, MAPD, emphasized that the training conducted is crucial for the organization’s undertakings. It needs a well and better information and communication works.
“Technical writing certainly plays an important role, particularly in the research and rigors of scientific inquiry. We have to remember who our audiences are, the message we want to convey, our way of communicating and veracity of the information we will be writing and publishing. And also, we have to be mindful that we are not writing to impress but we are writing to inform and communicate.” Minister said.
On March 5-6, the activity focused on preparing different forms of written communication in the most efficient way.
Dr. Aristotle P. Carandang, a social scientist, author, works as a private consultant, and the activity resource person shared tips on preparing different forms of technical documents such as business letters, e-mail, research or project proposal, etc.
“The data must met the standards of accuracy, objectivity, and verifiability and must contribute to the national development goals for the improvement of the quality of human life.” Prof. Carandang shared.
On March 7-11, the participants moved to another training workshop on creating the operations manual.
Mr. Mohammad Abqary A. Alon, a biologist, trainer, and the activity resource person, provided different lectures on the importance of manual operations in a transition government, an overview of a manual of operations and standard operating procedures, designing of the MOST service process, process mapping, process narratives, and many more.
Participants presented and discussed their output based on each division, section, or unit’s process and procedures.
Mr. Alon shared ways forward that MOST must have an operations manual to define the roles of employees, what they are responsible for, how to carry out a process, and the specific procedures done by each staff. It would ensure that each team knows their line of tasks within a particular transaction.
In a closing statement, Bangsamoro Director-General Nasrodin Buisan said that this activity would improve the knowledge and skills of each participant.
“Each of you have already its idea about technical writing but this activity we conduct would enhance and refresh your idea on the preparation of different technical documents in order for us to improve.” Buisan said.
As the ministry continuously conducts the hiring process, the operations manual would be helpful to newly hired employees to familiarize themselves with an organization’s policies and procedures.