Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, the Ministry of Science and Technology BARMM calls on the youth to join the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

This, as the Ministry of Science and Technology, announces the availability of assistance slots for the 2020 Bangsamoro Assistance for Science Education(BASE) program for incoming first-year college students in AS 2020-2021 who intend to pursue STEM courses. The assistance aims to stimulate and entice talented Bangsamoro youths to pursue lifetime productive careers in science and technology and ensure a steady, adequate supply of qualified S&T human resources which can steer the country towards national progress.

The MOST BARMM invites talented Bangsamoro youth to pursue STEM-related careers. Through this, it is expected that the sons and daughters of the Bangsamoro will be allowed to reach their dreams.

Applicants for the BASE program must be natural-born Filipino residents of BARMM  and attain 85% general average with good moral character and in good health. The application is open to students in the STEM strand. Those in the non-STEM strand may also apply provided they belong to the top 5% of their graduating class.

To be able to enjoy the BASE program, applicants should pass the BASE program Examination and pursue a Bachelor of Science degree program in any of the priority fields of the state university or colleges in any private higher education institution that is recognized by Commission on Higher Education. For a complete list of requirements, priority programs, and study placements please click the above link. Brochure A4 doc (4)

Qualified awardees will receive monthly cash assistance amounting to Php 8,000.00. The money shall be deposited on the awardee’s bank account every last week of the month from the starting month of the 1st semester, class of the school year 2020. Results of application both manual and online applications will be posted on the MOST BARMM website.

Interested applicants may send their application documents in pdf format on the MOST email address at [email protected].  Click on the following link to get a copy of the application form, 2020- CASH ASSISTANCEAppForm. The deadline for the application is on July 22, 2020. The date of the qualifying exam is on August 22, 2020.