In the conducted Ministry of Science and Technology’s 2023 Mid-Year Assessment and Performance Review last July 3 to 5, 2023, the latter achieved 55.56% performance accomplishments based on output indicators and 25.87% performance accomplishments based on activities.

According to Engr. Abdulwahid Sendad, Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation (PME) Division Chief, said these performances were generally good, but the trends must be more consistent.

“It is crucial to communicate that the ministry performance based on activity vs. performance based on output is 25.87% and 55.56% with -29.69% disparity. It is generally good, but we need to fast track some of the delays in implementing programs and services during the 1st semester of 2023 and continue our good efforts and initiatives,” Engr. Sendad emphasized.

He added that the 43.54% planned activities for the 1st semester of 2023 were advanced, achieving an actual performance of 55.56% with +12.02% variance. The data showed that the plan of each service, division, section, and provincial operation of the ministry was actualized, targeting the work and financial plan for 2023.

There were some delays in the implementation of the provincial operations. Still, the management committee ensured that all backlogs and delays would be implemented quickly in the second semester of the year. During the MOST Mid-Year Assessment and Performance Review, a catch-up plan was presented by each provincial operation to show plans and target dates of implementation for backlogs and other delays.

Engr. Abdulrakman Asim, Bangsamoro Director-General, said that the catch-up planning is the ministry’s way to ensure that all backlogs will be targeted and implemented in the second half of 2023.

“We need to provide our catch-up plan for those backlogs to ensure that we could target and implement it in the second semester of the year along with those targets and deliverables for the second half,” BDG said.

The Management Committee guaranteed that whatever issues and concerns have been laid in the review of each accomplishment, actions will be taken to avoid backlogs, create corrective actions, and ensure the smooth implementation of programs, projects, and activities during the second semester of 2023.

Furthermore, PME Division presented the services, division, and provincial operations to the body, which excelled in the 1st semester of 2023.

The Technical Management and Operation Services ranked one based on activity and output performances, followed by Research and Development Services.

As per division and provincial operations, the Bangsamoro Standards and Halal Testing Laboratories and Cotabato S & T Center performed well, being the rank one based on activity performances, respectively.

The Science Education, Scholarships, and Grants Division topped the ranking based on output indicators with 85.33% accomplishment, followed by Science and Technology Services with 67.86% accomplishment, Advance Science and Technology with 53.10%, 49.91% accomplishment for the Bangsamoro Standards and Halal Testing Laboratories, and Research and Development with 20.83%.


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