Lanao del Sur, BARMM – Twenty-four (24) elementary, high school, and colleges in the province participated in the virtual Invent School Program (ISP) series of the Ministry of Science and Technology in partnership with the Department of Science and Technology – Technology Application and Promotion Institute (DOST-TAPI).

In a statement, Minister Aida Silongan, MAPD, encouraged participants to learn and understand invention development, prototyping, and intellectual property rights keenly to be aware of and apply once they invent and innovate. She motivated the students to create inventions that would significantly impact Bangsamoro society.

On June 21, 2022, nine (9) elementary schools joined the ISP. These are, Malabang Central Elementary Pilot School, Ibn Siena Integrated School Foundation, Jose Abad Santos Central Elementary School, Punung Elementary School, Felix A. Panganiban Academy, MSU-EMPC, MSU-ILS EMPC Child Learning Center, Sultan Conding Elementary School, and Pagalamatan Elementary School.

Twelve (12) highschools participated on June 23-24, 2022. Datu Calaca MNHS, Bubonga Marantao NHS, Masiu Science NHS, MSU Malabang Community High School, Our Lady of Peace High School, RC AKIC SLC, MSU Marawi, Philippine Engineering and Agro Industrial College Inc, MSU UTC, Bacayawan NHS, MSU ISED, and Malabang NHS.

Three (3) state universities and colleges joined at the college level. MSU Main Campus, RC-Alkhwarizmi International College (AKIC), and Lanao Central College, Inc.

The two-day webinar workshop for elementary, high school and college levels aims to stimulate students’ interest in creativity and inventiveness and create awareness of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), prototype development, and commercialization of inventions. It is to teach creative thinking and bring about inventiveness among students to entice them to pursue activities leading to creativeness in solving problems in industrial applications.

Students and teachers attended and participated in the said activity through a Zoom Platform and an interactive way of learning. They have learned different topics such as creativity, inventing, patenting, prototyping, how copyright is acquired, and many more.

The Invent School Program usually covers topics on Creativity, Creative Thinking, Ideation Tools and Techniques, Invention Development, Prototyping and Awareness, Prior Arts Search, and Basic Patent Drafting.

Experts from DOST-TAPI, namely, Engr. Richelle Malaay, Assisting Program Manager, Engr. Elizabeth I. Garcia, Program Manager, Ms. Ingold Faye Arribe, Science Research Specialist II, Mr. Roberto R. Verzosa, Senior SRS, facilitated the webinar for elementary focusing on creativity and inventing. Interactive learning for elementary pupils was conducted to revitalize and make teaching the topics discussed easy.

At the high school level, Ingold Faye Arribe, Elizabeth I. Garcia, Maria Michelle Amarillas and Josel Bonifacio, DOST-TAPI experts, facilitated the activity.

Furthermore, webinars for college-level were facilitated by Engr. Richelle C. Malaay, ISP Assistant Program Manager, Engr. Elizabeth I. Garcia, Senior SRS, Mr. Roberto R. Verzosa, Senior SRS, Ms. Maria Michelle Amarilals, SRS II, and Mr. Josel Lester Bonifacio, SRS II. The webinar focused on developing creative thinking skills, invention development, Intellectual Property Rights, and Prior Art Search.

The ISP is a trademarked program of the Technology Application and Promotion Institute. It serves as a platform for the youth to awaken their true ingenuity by stimulating their interest in creativity and inventiveness. It also encourages students to pursue science-related courses leading to a career that would make them professional inventors and scientists in the future.