The Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA) Directors and Chairman gave a courtesy visit/meeting with Minister Aida Silongan today, March 4, 2021. In line with this, they discussed the viable support of each sector towards the development of their constituents.

The Directors also gave a copy of the BDA’s 2020 Annual Report.

They thanked the Minister for her continued initiative and effort in implementing the Values Transformation Training for the Bangsamoro people.

Also, some of the discussions they talked about are the institutionalization of the conduct of Values Transformation Training in all BARMM offices and other partner stakeholders.

The Directors were seeking support from the Ministry to upkeep the programs and projects of the Bangsamoro Development Agency.

Minister Aida Silongan recommended a visit to the Office of the Chief Minister to propose and discuss the initiative programs of BDA.

Moreover, as the talk goes along, they discussed different products of provinces in the region for upgrading and development.