Potential Qualifiers of the 2023 Bangsamoro Assistance for Science Education (BASE) and BASE-Merit Grantees released by Bangsamoro Ministry of Science and Technology
In a highly anticipated announcement, the Bangsamoro Government’s Ministry of Science and Technology has officially unveiled the names of potential qualifiers of the 2023 Bangsamoro Assistance for Science Education (BASE) Grantees – fourth batch, along with the BASE-Merit Grantees – second batch.
Two hundred (200) outstanding students have been qualified as BASE grantees and are set to embark on an exciting journey of knowledge and innovation. These deserving scholars will soon sign a memorandum of agreement (MOA), pledging their commitment to the advancement of science and technology in the region. As part of this prestigious program, they will receive a monthly cash assistance of P8,000.00 or a total of P80,000.00 annually throughout their college studies.
Notably, another 200 exceptional students have been granted BASE-Merit awards. These top-tier scholars will receive even more substantial financial support, with P20,000 per month, totaling an impressive P200,000.00 annually.
In a statement, Rocaya G. Edres, Science Education, Scholarships, and Grants (SESG) Division Chief, said that the ministry had expedited the processing of the release of potential grantees to ensure timely support for incoming first-year college students at the beginning of the new academic year this August.
“We hasten the release of the potential grantees – the fourth batch for the BASE program and the second batch for the BASE-Merit Program – in order to provide unwavering financial assistance for our bright young minds as they step into the world of higher education this August,” Edres emphasized.
The Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) has committed to personally reach out to each grantee to facilitate the seamless processing of grants and other essential agreements. This process will entail the verification of submitted documents, official enrollment in the S & T courses, and a certificate of non-recipient of other scholarships in the school enrolled. Once verified, the applicants will be recognized as the official grantees for the said scholarship program.
Furthermore, underscoring its dedication to fostering the growth of science and technology in the region, the ministry has consistently allocated substantial funds for its scholarship programs. By enticing students to pursue S & T courses and explore advanced fields of study, this initiative aims to ensure a steady stream of competent and skilled human resources in the Bangsamoro region.
As the list of BASE and BASE-Merit potential grantees is unveiled, MOST congratulates the qualifiers on their remarkable achievement and extends its heartfelt wishes for a fruitful and productive study journey.
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