The Bangsamoro Government’s Ministry of Science and Technology, in partnership with the Ministry of Health, provided twenty-seven (27) RxBox-1000 to Rural Health Units (RHUs) in Lanao del Sur, Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao.

On June 13-30, 2022, the MOST RxBox team visited RHUs in the province to conduct super users training and deploy RxBox-1000.

Cabingan RHU, Saguiaran RHU, Tugaya RHU, Bubong RHU, Ditsaan-Ramain RHU, Mulondo RHU, Maguing RHU, Taraka RHU, Tamparan RHU, Poona Bayabao RHU, Lumba Bayabao RHU, Masiu RHU, Lumbatan RHU, Butig RHU, Calanogas RHU, Marantao RHU, Balindong RHU, Tugaya RHU, Madalum RHU, Ganassi RHU, Bayang RHU, Picong RHU, Malabang RHU, Marogong RHU, Balabagan RHU, Wao RHU, and Amai Manabilang RHU were the health units in the province benefitted from MOST’s health technology intervention.

Doctors and nurses in the rural health units were capacitated on using RxBox-1000. Other than that, RxBox sensors were checked and calibrated before deployment to RHUs. It is to ensure devices pass the qualification standard and provide accurate data.

The RxBox device is a real-quality life experience in a telemedicine box. It is a multi-component program that captures real-time health data from patients. It comprises medical sensors such as a blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter, electrocardiogram (ECG), fetal heart monitor, maternal tocometer, and temperature sensor connected to a touch-screen tablet. The touch-screen tablet is programmed to collect patients’ health data from the built-in medical sensors attached to the device. The health data appears on the tablet screen once a patient is examined through the sensors, hence the actual quality of life experience in a box. It also has an Electronic Medical Record (EMR), storing and referring clients’ medical records via internet to doctors and health specialists seeking consultation and medical advice.

RxBox-1000 telemedicine device is a product of the Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (PCHRD) with a partnership with the University of the Philippines – National Telehealth Center (UPM-NTC). The device is one medical device that can provide medical services in the rural area of the region.