As the first phase of project implementation under the Science and Technology Livelihood Assistance (STLAP) and Micro, Small, Medium Enterprise – Upgrading Program (MSMEs-Up) of the Ministry of Science and Technology – Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (MOST-BARMM), a Values Transformation Training was conducted simultaneously for two (2) coops and one (1) sole proprietor in Basilan. 


The said activity aimed to provide knowledge and values reminders on what to uphold and apply to become an effective and efficient part of the cooperative, organization, or association as an entity and general. It also aimed to prepare the cooperatives for future engagement while upholding moral values.


Two (2) cooperatives and one (1) sole proprietor have attended and participated in the Values Transformation Training conducted by the ministry. These are Apil-Apil Fishermen Cooperative (AFC) on February 16-18, 2021, Ulitan Bangsamoro Fishermen Cooperative (UBFC) on February 17-19, 2021, at Baranggay Ulitan, Ungkaya Pukan Municipality, and a sole proprietor for coffee processing on February 22-24, 2021, at Lamitan City, Basilan. 


The three-day training focused mainly on topics such as Values transformation and Personal Values Clarification, Concept of Islamic Values and Development in Moral Governance, Faith and its Articles, The Role of Faith, The Islamic Ibaadaat (faith), The Role of Ibaadaat in Developing Islamic Values, Applying Islamic Values in Moral Governance, and Islamic Values in Dealing with Non-Muslims. 


Moreover, the Bangsamoro Development Agency’s facilitators have assisted the provincial science and technology coordinators in implementing the said training. 


The Values Transformation Training of the Ministry of Science and Technology –BARMM is an initiative program of the ministry under the Technology Transfer and Commercialization of Science and Technology Services section to increase faith and values among cooperatives, uphold, and apply it to become an effective and efficient part of the organization.